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2018 CoverMyQuest Winners Announced

October 16, 2018 | Jessica Behrendsen

Another CoverMyQuest is in the rearview mirror, and this year was a serious tug on the heart strings. There is no program that better exemplifies our employees' willingness to live our core values, in particular to Embrace Challenges, Be Selfless and Do the Right Thing.

Our “Questers” did an amazing job pitching their goals, hobbies and aspirations outside of CoverMyMeds, and we can’t thank them enough for participating and sharing an incredible piece of who they are. We had over 120 people sign up, a record number.

Thank you to our winners for sharing a brief synopsis of their quests, which they will take on in the coming year. Good luck to all!

CoverMyQuest, Gabe accepting his award

Gabe Michael Kenney – Build “Time Machine”

Second Sight Project is an artist studio residence/maker-space. The director and founder, Mona Gazala, welcomed my partner, Dana Lynn Harper, and myself as “Artists in Residence” back in May of 2014.

Second Sight is a staple in the local community, providing numerous educational and creative workshops for both children and adults. Some of these workshops take place at Central High School, an under-resourced public school nearby. Central High School does not provide any standardized art programming for their students and Mona offers these workshops, usually on the weekend, for free. Art can give hope to those without it, that they still have something to offer.

CoverMyQuest funding will sponsor a new personal project of mine, one in conjunction with my past work: building a new and improved “Time Machine.” Second, it will provide additional workshops and support at Second Sight Project and Central High School. I also aim to provide an experimental and educational workshop here at CoverMyMeds.

Casey Karns – Run 12 Marathons Across U.S.

In 2019, I will be running one half marathon a month for the whole year, each one in a different state. Growing up I wasn’t the most active, and don’t come from a very active background. My family medical history includes a lot of heart disease, obesity and diabetes. I want to inspire others to take the leap and work towards a healthier lifestyle, whatever that means for them. I will be blogging the whole adventure from day one on my website and will share stories of training and more. This Quest isn’t about PRs and time, it’s about the journey.

Follow Casey's Quest

CoverMyQuest, Casey accepting her award
CoverMyQuest, Jon accepting his award

Jon Vaughn – Building Miata with Daughter

When I was a kid, my dad and I used to talk about getting an old car and fixing it up together. He passed away earlier this year, but our dream lives on through the next generation. My quest is to buy an old Mazda© Miata and fix it up with my daughter. Together, we will undertake an adventure that will teach us mechanical skills, give us the confidence to take on life’s many challenges and serve as a constant reminder to cherish every moment we have on this earth with the ones we love.

Eddie Maspons – Journey to Quebec to Scatter Father’s Ashes

My father passed away suddenly and unexpectedly. It was the most painful experience of my life. It still is. My quest is to find closure by spreading his ashes in a place where we shared our happiest memories. My brother is also a chef and he is the greatest gift my parents ever gave me. Together we will be taking this adventure out of the kitchen and into the wilds of Canada to celebrate our dad’s life.

Thank you so to CoverMyMeds and CoverMyQuest. I don’t think you know exactly what you have done for me.

CoverMyQuest, Eddie accepting his award
CoverMyQuest, Jared accepting his award

Jared French – Uganda Mission Trip

For my Quest, I’ll be traveling to southwest Uganda with my wife Michelle. We support two Christian ministries in Uganda called Amazima and Hopechest. Both are doing incredible work to support and empower communities in the Jinja district by providing access to health care, education, basic necessities and work training programs.

Through Hopechest, we directly sponsor two 8-year-old girls named Sharon and Mariam. Up to this point, we’ve been able to communicate with them through letters, but through this trip we’ll get the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to meet them, spend time with them and learn more about their lives.

Matt Williams – Scouts BSA 50-mile Trek with Sons

My quest is to complete a 50-miler in the West Virginia backcountry with my four boys, my brothers, my best friend from boy scouts, his kids and interested scouts from our troops. A 50-miler involves hiking 50 plus miles in over five days and performing a 10-hour service project while on the trek. I went on my first 50-miler in 1988 and I’m looking to re-create that experience with my kids. We will hike part of the Allegheny Trail, stay in John’s Camp Shelter, see the falls of the Cheat River, hike through the Glady Tunnel, complete a service project for the Forest Service in Bartow and much more!

Follow Matt’s quest | Learn more about the BSA 50-miler award

CoverMyQuest, Matt accepting his award
CoverMyQuest, Neeloo accepting her award

Neeloo Fathi – Send Mom to Turkey for Family Reunion

About a year ago I was in a pretty serious, life-changing accident. After the accident, I needed a lot of assistance with my normal day-to-day tasks. My mom, who lives in Houston, stayed with me for four months to help take care of me.  She went from sleeping on the couch of my hospital room to the couch in my apartment and when she finally went back to Houston she brought my dog along with her so I could continue to recover in Columbus. My Quest is to be able to give back to her for all that she has done for me, not only for this past year, but my entire life.

Diana Madarang – Hike Camino de Santiago in Portugal

I will be learning Portuguese throughout the year, traveling to Portugal in June 2019 for 18 days to hike the Camino de Santiago (from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Compostela, Spain) and looping my way back into Portugal to see all the things! I will also be blogging about the experience (prepping for the trip, learning the Portuguese language, etc.).

CoverMyQuest, Diana accepting her award
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