A Day In The Life: Clint Linn

A Day In The Life: Clint Linn, Pharmacy Account Manager

September 12, 2016  |  Jessica Behrendsen

How would you describe your role?

The role of account manager for the pharmacy team at CoverMyMeds has many layers. We do update and clean-up to accounts daily, build relationships with corporate pharmacy contacts, work to implement new pharmacies to use CoverMyMeds, deliver reporting to corporate pharmacy contacts and answer any questions they have and analyze any volume fluctuations. It’s challenging work but very rewarding.

How does your role impact the organization?

The pharmacy vertical is crucial to the success of CoverMyMeds. It directly impacts revenue generated, as part of our job is to drive volume through EasyButton, PriorAuthPlus and portal usage from pharmacies. Staying up-to-date on benchmark metrics allow us to help analytics understand the trends that happen monthly within pharmacies, which then can impact forecasting and where CoverMyMeds allocates resources. Continually keeping coworkers in the loop on how our accounts are performing can impact multiple teams across CoverMyMeds.

What’s the best part of your job?

Do I have to pick one? I have enjoyed everything that CoverMyMeds has offered since day one, but the best part about the account manager position is being able to create lasting relationships with clients and coworkers.

It’s common knowledge that CoverMyMeds hires the best of the best, so the people I get to work with, and work through issues with, is a major perk of the job. Additionally, meeting new people (clients) on a daily, monthly, yearly basis is something I enjoy. Growing these relationships into something from nothing is very rewarding.

What’s something unexpected we wouldn’t know about you?

I won the Shakin’ Bacon cook off in 2009. OK — I made that up; but I do fry up some mighty tasty bacon. Also, I walk my pharmacy coworker, Tim, to each one of his meetings. He scares easily.

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