Be Yourself: Celebrating Individuality in a Big Way

November 12, 2019  |  Drew Schaar

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Creating a remarkable place for our employees and our community is what inspired the CoverMyMeds campus. Just a stone’s throw away from our future home (currently under construction) is a massive 100-foot wallscape showcasing one of our company’s core values, “Be Yourself.”

In May 2019, we launched our first wallscape, designed by local artist Henry Hess. The art piece, “Fabulous Franklinton,” was a celebratory mural symbolic to people in the Franklinton community who have impacted Henry’s life. The new “Be Yourself” wallscape, unveiled on October 29, focuses on something that is also near and dear to our hearts – our people.

The “Be Yourself” Design

The sentiment behind our “Be Yourself” core value is that you don’t have to look or think a certain way to be successful at CoverMyMeds, and we count on ideas and solutions coming from everyone in the company. In our latest wallscape design, we feature several CoverMyMeds employees who embody this core value and represent our culture.

Meet the CoverMyMeds employees featured on the wallscape, and their reaction to the design:

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“Being included in the ‘Be Yourself’ wallscape was a ‘look ma, I made it’ moment! To be recognized and be a visual representation as one of the 1,000 + leaders within CoverMyMeds is simply amazing.” - Erick Miles – Manager, Human Resources

“I’ve been with CoverMyMeds for five years and have experienced a lot of growth during that time. From day one, CoverMyMeds has embraced everything that I am as a human, lifted me up when I needed it and kept me humble just the same. Being yourself means different things at different phases of your life. I’m proud to work for a place that respects the person I am, always.” - Joanna Allen – Account Manager, Payer
Joanna sits on the board of trustees for the Homeless Families Foundation, a nonprofit organization which helps children and families in the community achieve stable housing and self-sufficiency.

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“I feel that I don’t have to physically look a certain way to be valued and respected. I feel included. I feel welcomed.” - Jesús Arrayago – Account Specialist
Jesús is one of this year’s 10 CoverMyQuest winners who each received a $4,000 mini grant to pursue their big adventures.

“Disabled people are often hidden away in the world, especially in the workplace. When I was looking for employment after graduating college, I would often get depressed because the only disabled people that were often visibly doing work were doing jobs like being a greeter at a box store. I hope that seeing a person with a cane gives other disabled people hope, whether they are looking for employment or just trying to feel not so alone and isolated. I hope that my image is an inspiration to other disabled people. CoverMyMeds is a welcoming and safe place for us to be.” - Michael Miles – Account Specialist
Earlier this year, Michael shared his experience of living with multiple sclerosis and the challenges that patients like him face on a daily basis.

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“I’m honored and humbled to have the opportunity to represent the face of CoverMyMeds in this way. I love the fact that our culture honors the belief that different, unique voices are imperative to building a great workplace with people who produce outstanding results.” - Vicki Muscarella – VP of Engineering and Data

Living the Core Values

Be Yourself. It’s one of five core values employees at CoverMyMeds embody. The simple concept rings true in all that we do. It’s an ideal embraced with pride and is part of the values that define who we are and how we play.

At CoverMyMeds, being yourself is as an essential component of our company culture and is critical to accomplishing our mission of helping patients. It gives employees freedom to express themselves, be creative and have fun while valuing the inclusion and diversity that help us produce great work.

Interested in joining our team? Learn more about CoverMyMeds and our available positions by visiting our careers page.

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