Co-founder and CEO Matt Scantland: CoverMyMeds grows 3X, positions company for the next 10 years through exciting, grateful leadership transition

 |  Matt Scantland, Co-Founder & CEO

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What started as an idea by a small and committed team has now grown to a company of more than 1,000 leaders working together to solve some of healthcare’s biggest problems. We’ve done this by empowering our employees to build a great company because they understand our mission of helping patients get the medications they need to live healthy lives, and know that we can accomplish anything if we solve important problems in a way where everyone in our industry wins. Today, by nearly any measure, CoverMyMeds is three times larger than in 2017 when we joined McKesson as the largest technology deal ever in Ohio, and one of the largest digital health acquisitions in the country.

With an incredible growth path ahead of us, and a great leadership team in place, it is time for the next generation to leave their mark. We are excited to announce that we have promoted two leaders from within CoverMyMeds: David Holladay as President and Scott Gaines as Chief Operating Officer. And while it was an incredibly difficult decision, I have decided that I will leave CoverMyMeds, following a successful transition, to the team that will guide it to continued success. I expect this to occur by the end of the calendar year.

At the same time, Michelle Brown, our longtime COO, will now focus on leadership initiatives at CoverMyMeds and across McKesson, allowing her to spend more time on the part of her job that she is most passionate about, and where she will make a very real impact in helping all employees develop the skills they need to keep growing. Michelle has played an irreplaceable part in building our company from the very beginning, and we are excited about what she will do next.

I am incredibly proud of what CoverMyMeds has accomplished with its partners across the healthcare system. To date, we have helped patients get the medications they need to be healthy more than 140 million times, and have built the leading prescription technology network in the country, including most pharmacies, providers, health plans and PBMs, life sciences companies, and patients directly.

We continue to be one of the fastest growing technology companies in the country, operating at a scale that makes us part of everyday life in healthcare.

That growth has enabled huge career opportunities for our employees and the creation of a new campus in Franklinton (downtown Columbus) that will provide thousands of great jobs and the investment of $240M into the community.

Since we started, every new day has been better than the one before—a bigger impact on our mission, greater value for our customers, more opportunity for our employees, and a bolder contribution to the communities in which we live and work. CoverMyMeds is a company that stands for hope and optimism, and it is our commitment to embracing change that allows us to always have a brighter future ahead of us.

So, when we thought about who our next leaders should be, we were looking for people that would have the wisdom to preserve the parts of our company that make us special, and the bravery to lean into the future. We find that in David and Scott, who have the support of our customers and McKesson to continue doing big things.

Before his role as President, David was the Senior Vice President and GM of the payer business at CoverMyMeds. Previously, he was a senior executive at Cigna, Humana, and technology company RxEDO. Scott Gaines has been a key part of building CoverMyMeds during the five years he has been with the company. He was Senior Vice President and GM of provider solutions at CoverMyMeds, and prior to that was a leader in the global healthcare business of Cleveland-based technology firm, Hyland.

What’s next for me? Right now, I am focused on this transition. After that, I am looking forward to spending more time with my family. And when the time is right, I will focus on creating opportunity for more people in our community by helping to build and invest in new companies and organizations.

Brian Tyler, the CEO of McKesson, and I share mutual gratitude about what we accomplished, and how bright the future is between CoverMyMeds and McKesson. Recently, Brian shared the following:

“CoverMyMeds’ impact goes right to the heart of the McKesson growth strategies in specialty, manufacturer value proposition, and future retail models. We have an opportunity to contribute to the future as part of one of the few companies in the world that can reinvent healthcare for the good of millions of patients who are counting on us. I have a great deal of respect for Matt’s unique leadership and view of the world, and will miss working with him. We are grateful for the contributions he has made, and it is an honor to both Matt and me that we are making this transition after so much success between us, and with an incredible growth path and leadership team in place. I wish Matt all the best and hope our paths will cross again.”

I am beyond grateful to be in a position to leave the company I love so much in great hands, with David and Scott and the 1,000+ leaders that make up CoverMyMeds.

— Matt

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