Columbus Women in Technology Conference Retrospective

 |  Jennifer Cable

When I first heard that there was going to be a conference in Columbus for Women in Tech, I was very excited. This would be the first of its kind in Columbus. There is a great group of women in Columbus who work in all fields of technology. Getting them together to learn and share experience and knowledge is a win-win for everyone, men included. I knew there was a definite audience for such an event. The proof of this is that the conference organizers were anticipating 175 participants and ended up with 300, plus more on a wait list.

The one-day conference was held on September 15 at the Fawcett Center at The Ohio State University. Throughout the day, there were four tracks, including technical talks, beginner technical talks, leadership talks, and experimental talks.

The morning started with a keynote by Tammy Craig, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer for Commercial Lines and Agency IT at Nationwide. She delivered an inspiring talk about change. She shared with the audience stories about her professional journey and how her greatest growth and learning came as a result of dramatic change.

The ending keynote speaker was Mary Poppendieck, whose talk was titled “Impossible Problems.” Mary covered the problem of scale and how businesses need to adjust their work cycle to accommodate growth. She is very passionate about her work and this expresses itself in her energetic presentation. She motivates women in tech by sharing her experiences and encouraging them to not give up. Mary is a popular writer and speaker and coauthor of the book Lean Software Development: An Agile Toolkit. She has over forty years of experience in the Information Technology industry, which includes managing software development at 3M.

Overall, the day was an energy-filled event with great speakers and engaged participants. The conference organizers are going to keep the momentum going by scheduling more Columbus Women in Tech events over the next year. It is a great way to encourage women in Columbus from all different types of technical fields. CoverMyMeds was proud to be a sponsor of the first Columbus Women in Tech Conference, and we’re looking forward to the second conference in 2017!


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