How employee resource groups support our culture

CoverMyMeds’ Affinity Council Fosters an Environment of Inclusion

 |  Jenny Rogers

While we’re passionate about each of our core values, there’s one that’s apparent the moment you step inside one of CoverMyMeds’ offices: Be Yourself.

Here, we pride ourselves on embracing each of our unique backgrounds, experiences, passions and workstyles. As our employees have said time and again, this is a place they can be their authentic selves.

One way we support this culture of inclusion is through the leadership of our Affinity Council, an employee resource group (ERG) dedicated to promoting a culture of diversity by making CoverMyMeds a safe, engaging space for everyone.

Last fall, the council officially launched with CoverMyMeds Culture Day, an immersive multicultural event that highlighted our employees’ diversity through food, art and performances.

Since then, the team has hosted a variety of events and programs, like the Black History Month Open Mic Night and a book club, which launched with Ibram X. Kendi’s “How to Be an Antiracist.”

“So many people come to our meetings and share who they are, where they’re from. From account coordinators to vice presidents, we discuss what’s working and where we can be better,” says Raymond Weaver, account coordinator and Affinity Council lead. “I really think we’ve made a positive impact.”

CultureDay2 CoverMyMeds Culture Day, 2019. (Photo by Sydney Palmer)

AffinityCouncil1 Our first annual Open Mic Night, hosted in honor of Black History Month. (Photo by Jerome Haygood)

CultureDay1 CoverMyMeds Culture Day, 2019. (Photo by Sydney Palmer)

Next up: A lunchtime conversation series featuring CoverMyMeds leadership, Asian Pacific Heritage Month celebrations, volunteer outings with Huckleberry House, the continuation of book club and lightening talks with other CoverMyMeds ERGs. Thanks to Raymond and his team’s leadership, many of these events continue despite the fact that nearly all CoverMyMeds employees are currently working at home.

“Our goal is to offer engaging events that also showcase people of all walks of life,” Weaver says. “It’s like the (Vernā Myers) quote: ‘Diversity is being invited to the party; inclusion is being invited to dance.’ ”

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