CoverMyMeds Celebrates ‘2017 North American Visionary Innovation Leadership Award’ from Frost & Sullivan

 |  Angela Masciarelli

2017 Best Practices Award by Frost & Sullivan

It’s been an incredible year for us at CoverMyMeds. One of the most exciting ways to end 2017 was finding out we were being honored with Frost & Sullivan’s 2017 North American Visionary Innovation Leadership Award for prior authorization solutions.

According to Frost & Sullivan, “the Visionary Innovation Leadership Award is independently evaluated by Frost & Sullivan analysts based on two key factors—Focus on the Future and Best Practices Implementation.”

As the award highlights, our “Focus on the Future” includes:

“As an example of continued innovation and collaboration, CoverMyMeds partnered with RelayHealth to develop a new solution called RxBenefit Clarity™, which provides real-time benefit transparency and decision support at the point of prescribing. RxBenefit Clarity™ leverages a network of more than 50,000 pharmacies to access real-time prescription benefit data, powering the only solution to offer providers insight into prescription coverage information that was historically only available to pharmacies. RxBenefit Clarity™ also improves and seamlessly integrates with CoverMyMeds ePA solution, allowing providers to prospectively request prior authorization when necessary to fill a prescription. Additionally, CoverMyMeds continues to focus on increasing utilization within its existing customers to empower them to use their extensive platform on 100% of prescriptions requiring a PA.”

Related to “Best Practices Implementation,” Frost & Sullivan writes:

“Founded in 2008, CoverMyMeds is setting the new standard for PA in the United States. The company’s advanced technology platform offers solutions for four stakeholders of the PA—providers, pharmacies, payers, and pharmaceutical companies—to facilitate high utilization across the market. As a result, CoverMyMeds ensures that its platform streamlines the PA process, reducing PA determination time from days to merely minutes.”

To view the full Frost & Sullivan research report and methodology, click here.

Other noteworthy milestones this year include:

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