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CoverMyQuest Update: Luke Buchanan

August 14, 2017  |  Luke Buchanan

When I think back on my CoverMyQuest I find it almost impossible, frustrating even, to sum up in a few short paragraphs.

An intense medical mission trip evokes such emotion and memory that a true attempt to explain what I experienced while there is unreasonable. So instead, I will take this as an opportunity to present what a mission trip to La Moskitia, Honduras – my CoverMyQuest 2016 – has meant to me.

I was asked to explain my feelings about the experience from start to finish, in just one word. I thought about this for some time, returning again and again to so many memories. Whether it be my three minute CoverMyQuest presentation, the unbelievable sights, faces, smells or even moments of fear, I constantly kept coming back to the same word – grateful.

It is no surprise to anyone that I might be grateful for our fantastic company granting me a large amount of money to go fulfill a quest that is so personal to me; however, that is only part of why I am filled with such gratefulness when looking back on what just one week in the most rural parts of Honduras has done for me. I spent a significant amount of time doing mission work in Honduras as a child, but it had been eight years since I had returned. What CoverMyMeds granted me was more than a lump sum of money; winning CoverMyQuest granted me a return to what is arguably the most valuable part of my past.

While in Honduras, every single experience I had is something I am unbelievably grateful for. Although, some of these experiences were hard to swallow at the time. Particular, the moments of stepping outside of my comfort zone and into situations of ultimate uncertainty. The moment that stands out most was on day two of the trip when our dental group ventured into a prison to offer much needed dental care to the neglected prisoners that reside there.

I could talk about this for hours, but in short, imagine a prison in the U.S. with the some of the country’s worst criminals. Now imagine that same place with dirt floors, no cells for the prisoners and most importantly, no guards inside! Why would I be grateful for stepping into this world? The answer is simple; it’s the new perspective on my life through the lens of viewing their life that broadens my horizons of understanding in myself, and how others live in the world. If there was ever an experience that accomplishes that, it was that of the Honduran Prison.

The other collection of memories that repeatedly surface are that of the young orphans of the various orphanages that I visited. Again, I could spend an unreasonable amount of time explaining these children and their effect on me. Since I have returned from Honduras, I have found every attempt to explain them useless. So instead, I would rather show everyone these incredible people through my own eyes and bring you one step closer to being there with them.

Dale and I have put together a webpage with some content for everyone to take a few minutes and step into the world of La Moskitia, Honduras. I strongly encourage everyone to visit the site, for it conveys the beauty and experience of this place far better than I could ever hope to. There you will find photos, video clips and a 10 to 12 min short documentary.

If you have the time, please check the documentary out. It is my best attempt to explain what CoverMyQuest has done for me. Visit to see my CoverMyQuest experience.

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