Understanding User Experiences

FAQS on Understanding the User Experience

January 23, 2017  |  Anna Klatt

At CoverMyMeds, we have a deep understanding of the prescribers and pharmacists who utilize our solution, and the technologies they rely on to care for their patients.

They are at the center of everything we do and build, and that’s why we’ve invested in resources to help engage them in a way rarely seen in health care technology. We want to be certain we’re doing everything we can to ensure they’re having the best possible experience when using CoverMyMeds.

In this blog, I will address some frequently asked questions regarding how we go about giving our users the best experience possible and regularly addressing their feedback.

How do you collect feedback from people using the CoverMyMeds solution?

Our user experience team utilizes many different methodologies to ask willing users to provide valuable feedback about our products. From field observations to online surveys and remote usability testing, we’re engaging with and learning from them on a regular basis. Our users’ willingness to engage with these feedback activities is what helps us craft products that meet their most pressing needs.

Here are several examples of types of activities we run to help improve how we serve our users:

  • Task-based usability testing allows us to observe and quantify the user experience.
  • Screen-shot click testing reveals what aspects of a design or interface users are most drawn to.
  • Tree-testing allows us to evaluate and optimize the findability of items within our interface.
  • Card sorting is a method that helps us understand how users think so we can optimize our information architecture.

What do you do to ensure prescribers/pharmacists are going to approve a product?

By using remote usability testing, we give our users the tools to test product ideas before they go into development. They have the ability to opt-in and be a part of an online community of PA experts. Additionally, they are invited to complete web-based feedback activities that help us make smarter decisions about the products we build.

What defines a prior authorization expert? Who is providing this feedback?

Prescribers, pharmacists and their staff, are experts in prior authorization. That’s why we consult with them on key product decisions to ensure that we build the best product for their workflow. We’re building a panel of individuals who want to help shape the future of CoverMyMeds by interacting with design changes to provide feedback for better optimization before a product goes live.

What else is the user experience team working on?

Anything that will make the journey easier for those utilizing the CoverMyMeds solution is our goal. We want them to be able to do their jobs easily and efficiently. For example, we are increasing the overall usability of our products by measuring things such as findability and the confidence they have interacting with various prototypes so we can compare and contrast each design.

For questions or inquiries about how you or your staff can get involved in our feedback activities, please contact User Insight & Research Analyst, Anna Klatt, at aklatt@covermymeds.com.

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