Gearing up for HIMSS18 in Las Vegas

February 06, 2018  |  Jessica Behrendsen

CoverMyMeds | HIMSS 18

Each year, the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference grants CoverMyMeds the opportunity to think about our progress as a company, and evaluate our efforts to get medication in the hands of patients more quickly.

We have a lot of exciting news to share this year, including the soon-to-be released 4th edition of the ePA National Adoption Scorecard, innovation of our new specialty solution for providers and our real-time benefit solution (RTBC) we offer in conjunction with RelayHealth — RxBenefit Clarity™, which we’re kicking off preliminaries with some information in this blog.

Illustration depicting RxBC

RxBenefit Clarity gives providers insight into medication-specific benefit information at the point of prescribing. This pharmacy benefit inquiry platform allows providers to have important discussions with their patient about how much they will have to pay for the prescription and other benefit details before the patient ever leaves the office. This can have a dramatic impact on increasing medication adherence and decreasing abandonment.

Medication non-adherence adds more than $280 billion in avoidable costs to the U.S. health care system each year. Patient out-of-pocket costs for prescriptions is one leading cause. Another is a lack of transparency for plan prescription benefit information during the prescribing process.1,2 In a study completed by AIS Health, only 30 percent of physicians cited that they had access to co-pay information when prescribing medication.3 This means a large number of physicians are unable to have valuable communication with patients. RxBenefit Clarity is actively solving this problem by providing true patient-pay transparency.

Medication non-adherence adds more than $280 billion in avoidable costs to the U.S. health care system each year.

RxBenefit Clarity is a monumental step to ensure all patients get the most out of their appointments and medication therapy and that doctors can rest easy knowing their prescribing decisions are supported and followed by their patients.

We’re anxious to talk with you about RxBenefit Clarity and our other patient-centric products at HIMSS in Las Vegas. To schedule a meeting at the show with one of our experts, visit HIMSS18.

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