Happy Sysadmin Day!

 |  Warner Moore

System Administrator Appreciation Day is one of my favorite times of the year and it has become tradition to celebrate both in and outside the company.


There are varied definitions of what a System Administrator is because the role and responsibilities are so broad. Today, System Administrator’s responsibilities vary the spectrum between the corporate technologies that you use in your office to the platforms that run the technologies you use every day on the Internet. System Administrators are known by many titles between Systems Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, Network Administrator, and Operations Engineer among many others.

Here are some highlights from our celebration at CoverMyMeds. Whoa, it’s Vader… Doug to the left and Rob to the right.


Vader found Boba Fett. Look out, Rob!


Adam saved Rob and tamed Vader.


Ice cream to tide us over until the after party. Thanks for loaning your desk, Chris! article-image-sysadmin-day-5

After our time in the office, we transitioned to the Sysadmin Day Celebration event organized by LOPSA Columbus and co-hosted by DevOps Columbus and the Central Ohio Linux User Group. This is the fifth year that LOPSA Columbus has organized this celebration!

Dan, Abby, and Juan in the background. article-image-sysadmin-day-6

A big thanks to all of you for helping run the world, as we know it! I hope to see more of you next year at our Sysadmin Day celebration.

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