Prescription Price Transparency is the Centerpiece of CoverMyMeds’ Drug Channels Guest Article

 |  Audrey Carson

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In a recent guest post for Drug Channels, CoverMyMeds’ Senior Director of Provider Network, Miranda Gill, discussed the rise of patient consumerism in health care and the inevitable demand it brings: true prescription price transparency. Studies have shown patients are likely to abandon a medication if it cost more than they expected when they arrive at the pharmacy. RxBenefit Clarity™, our real-time benefit check platform that is now available in Epic’s native solution, surfaces the most accurate prescription price information at the point of prescribing. Armed with reliable prescription cost information, the medication cash price and clinically appropriate drug alternatives, both the provider and patient can feel more confident about medication access and adherence.

Miranda’s guest article was published ahead of Epic’s annual UGM conference where price transparency was a hot topic of discussion.

Read Miranda’s post and download our new case study on Drug Channels to see how RxBenefit Clarity has helped millions of patients make more informed decisions about their prescriptions.

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