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State of Florida Finalizes Medication PA Form

January 19, 2017  |  Jessica Behrendsen

The State of Florida has finalized their medication prior authorization (PA) form, aligning with the provisions found in HB 221 passed in 2016, calling for the use of a standard PA form. The form will be available for use in July 2017.

The mandate states that any plan that does not already utilize an electronic prior authorization (ePA) process, shall use only the PA form approved and adopted by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation starting in July.

Our government affairs team was actively engaged in the regulation adoption process in Florida calling for the utilization of an ePA process, stressing the importance of the use of the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard for ePA and offered many suggestions for modification of the proposed, now passed, form.

CoverMyMeds is in the process of making the form available on our website. The form will be available no later than July 1.

The legislative and regulatory sessions of 2017 are just getting started. CoverMyMeds anticipates 2017 to be a very busy legislative and regulatory year, with many lawmakers taking into consideration health care technologies that improve efficiencies and reduce administrative burden, such as ePA utilizing the NCPDP SCRIPT Standard. CoverMyMeds government affairs is actively engaged in sessions and will provide updates throughout the year.

For questions or additional information reach out to Kim Diehl-Boyd of our Government Affairs team at kdiehlboyd@covermymeds.com.

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