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Medication access challenges can be as complex as the patients who face them. CoverMyMeds provides support when and where it matters most, with solutions that span the entire patient journey. By supporting brands through their individual challenges through technology and human intervention, we can help patients achieve better outcomes.

Obstacles along the medication access journey can keep patients from living healthier lives
  • Access
    1 in 4 patients said they experienced delays in getting medications due to prior authorization (PA)1
  • Affordability
    Nearly 50% of patients would likely abandon their prescription if out-of-pocket cost exceeds $1252
  • Adherence
    Up to $290 billion may be lost annually by the US pharmaceutical industry to patient non-adherence3
Discover a comprehensive, connected suite of solutions for pharma brands
CoverMyMeds’ patient-centered solutions can help accelerate time to therapy and reduce prescription abandonment for your brand. In the past year, we:
  • Saved patients more than $6 billion on brand and specialty medications4
  • Prevented more than 9 million prescriptions from being abandoned4
  • Helped patients access their medicine more than 67 million times4
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