Her struggle is common: Millions of patients face challenges accessing the medications they need. Explore how CoverMyMeds is solving problems for people like Kelly.

the patient journey
Through our connected network, we're solving patients' greatest medication access and adherence challenges.

Technology for Medication Access
Electronic prior authorization results in an up to 35% increase in speed to therapy.1
Insight for providers and patients
When providers use a prescription decision support solution, patients are 19% more likely to pick up their meds.2
Solutions for Specialty
Patients enrolled in support services experience a 27% increase in speed to therapy.3

A patient-centered network
The Industry's Largest Network, Connected by Technology to Help Patients

750,000+ Providers
75% of EHRs Integrated
96% of Pharmacies
Payers Representing 94%
of Prescription Volume
200+ Life Sciences Brands
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