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Prior Authorization (PA) Renewals in CoverMyMeds

CoverMyMeds is the clear solution for electronic prior authorization (ePA), helping more than 500,000 prescribers excel in patient care. One of many features to benefit prescribers is PA renewals.

Repeatedly completing the same PA request can be a burden for prescribers. Now there is a way to renew a request and quickly re-send to the same plan.

How Do PA Renewals Work?

PA renewals are recommended for online requests that have already been submitted and determined by the plan. Follow these steps to complete a PA renewal within minutes:

  1. On your Dashboard, search for the submitted request under the “Sent to Plan” or “Search” tab.
  2. Open the request.
  3. Under “Other Actions” select “Renew” on the left panel.
  4. Confirm the medication, health care plan, and patient.
  5. Review and verify auto-populated information by checking the blue boxes to the right of each section.
  6. Enter additional information if necessary.
  7. Press “Send to Plan” to re-submit.

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