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CoverMyMeds® is a secure, HIPAA-compliant way to manage your prior authorization requests.

CoverMyMeds deploys a set of policies and procedures, together with technical, physical and administrative safeguards to maintain compliance with the HIPAA Privacy Rule and its implementing regulations. In addition to our own assessments, many of the largest health care organizations in the U.S. have audited our compliance.

For our users who are covered entities (e.g., providers, pharmacies, payers), CoverMyMeds functions as a business associate.

CoverMyMeds enters into business associate agreements with providers, including large health systems, pharmacies and payers. CoverMyMeds also publishes its Privacy Notice and Terms of Service among other documents. Links to these materials may be found below.

Because our service is used as part of a health care provider’s treatment and operations functions, and because we do not sell data or otherwise invoke the requirements, users of our service are not generally required to obtain patient authorization or consent.

General Information

Information about our Privacy Practices and Updates

Privacy Notice last revised August 11, 2017

Privacy Notice

Our intent is to collect and share the minimum amount of necessary information about you and/or patients, to conduct business valuable to users of CoverMyMeds. Read our full Privacy Notice.

To provide the service at no cost to providers and pharmacies, CoverMyMeds shares aggregated, de-identified data primarily for billing purposes and validation required by payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers for those transactions. Additionally, this data is used for continuous improvement of current solutions, such as the accuracy or necessity of prior authorization forms, search accuracy and further automation of the end user experience, as well as the development of future solutions. It is important to note that all data shared with 3rd parties is both de-identified and aggregated; “raw” data is never shared.

CoverMyMeds take security and privacy very seriously and has consulted with outside legal counsel to ensure that this use of de-identified, aggregated data is within the boundaries of HIPAA interpretation.

Contact Our Privacy Officer

Abby Mitchell
Privacy Officer

Security Overview

Learn more about our technical and administrative safeguards by contacting privacy@covermymeds.com.


CoverMyMeds operates a secure, reliable infrastructure and has policies and procedures in place to ensure best-in-class security for partners, clients and users. Review the CoverMyMeds SOC 3 Report for additional details. A copy of the CoverMyMeds SOC 2 Type II Audit is available upon request. Request the SOC 2 Type II Audit.

Healthcare Providers

For Doctors, Pharmacists, Healthcare Professionals and Staff

Notice of changes to the Terms of Service and Business Associate Agreement effective August 23, 2016

Terms of Service and Business Associate Agreement

You may read our Terms of Service and Business Associate Agreement, which incorporates our Business Associate Agreement as an addendum. Each user electronically signs these documents when creating an account on CoverMyMeds.com. Questions about these documents can be sent to privacy@covermymeds.com.

If you need a signed copy of our Business Associate Agreement for your organization, you may download our Business Associate Agreement, and send for our countersignature at baa@covermymeds.com.