Improve Coordination of Care for Patients Treated with Specialty Medications

Electronic workflow

Currently, the process for initiating and monitoring treatment for patients who need specialty drugs depends on a series of manual activities, resulting in administrative waste and delays in time to therapy.

Electronic workflow

Beyond causing administrative waste and treatment delays, the manual process complicates ongoing care management and negatively impacts patient adherence.

Providers and care team members lack the visibility needed to objectively assess a patient’s response to treatment and coordinate care.

Electronic workflow

The solution: Implement a network connecting specialty pharmacies, providers and payers to more efficiently coordinate treatment with specialty therapies and considerably improve ongoing care management.

The New Starting Point for Specialty Medication

CoverMyMeds is leveraging the power of our provider, payer and pharmacy network to streamline the enrollment process, helping patients receive the specialty medication they need and continue their therapy, uninterrupted.

We are the trusted ePA solution for more than 300,000 specialty providers, and the ePA network of choice for 96% of pharmacies, more than 500 EHRs and payers representing 94% of U.S. prescription volume.

Specialty Pharmacy Medications

How It Works

CoverMyMeds’ solution for specialty medications will facilitate an electronic workflow from the point of prescribing, streamlining the coordination of patient care and monitoring between providers, pharmacies that fill specialty medications and payers.

  1. Pharmacies
  2. Providers
  3. Payers
  • Receive a clean, electronic referral for a patient's specialty medication
  • Complete the steps necessary to get the patient on therapy and coordinate treatment
  • Gain transparency into PA requests initiated in the EHR
  • Collaborate efficiently with providers and payers to effectively manage ongoing patient therapy
  • Select an appropriate specialty medication and network specialty pharmacy
  • Coordinate treatment through electronic benefits verification and initiation of an ePA, where required
  • Electronically initiate therapy and patient enrollment in appropriate programs
  • Collaborate with specialty pharmacies to facilitate better ongoing patient care management
  • Process benefits investigation and ePA requests electronically, reducing administrative waste and time‐consuming phone calls
  • Assists members by providing faster access to required therapy to help improve outcomes
  • Complete benefits investigation and initiate an ePA, where required