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Pharmacists Utilizing ePA

In a recent study within one chain of pharmacies using the same pharmacy system, 96 percent of locations actively utilized CoverMyMeds.


Faster time to therapy

In the same study, patients received their medication 50 percent faster by electronically initiating an ePA request, rather than following a manual, paper-based process.

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Our Solution

CoverMyMeds’ solutions for pharmacy systems are on the leading edge of technology to improve medication adherence and elevate pharmacist and patient engagement.

IntelligentPA expedites the prior authorization (PA) process within pharmacy systems. The solution initiates a request automatically when a PA is most likely to be required based on historical data.

When a claim is rejected due to PA needed, the pharmacist will follow their normal process to resolve the claim outside of the PA process. After 10 minutes if the claim is not resolved, IntelligentPA analyzes data and auto-starts a PA if one is likely to be required. The provider is then notified of resolution options to fill the patient’s prescription.​

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