RxBenefit Clarity™:
Empowering Providers and Their Patients with Prescription Price Transparency

CoverMyMeds and RelayHealth Pharmacy Solutions have partnered to provide the most accurate, patient-centric prescription benefit solution at the point of prescribing for any medication and all payers.

Why Real-Time Benefit Check

Provider Visibility

Only 52% of providers report having access to formulary information in their EHR.1


Providers with access to formulary information have an average trust rating of only 5.7/10.1

Patient Impact

As a result, 75% of patients say they’ve paid more for a prescription than they expected.1

“A ‘no surprises’ approach for the patient... They would know immediately if they could afford to fill the Rx.”

- Health Care Provider

Our Solution

RxBenefit Clarity surfaces patient pay amounts in real-time, before the prescription is submitted, giving providers the transparency they need to make the best prescription decision for their patients.

  • Co-pay information
  • Deductible information
  • Cash price
  • Patient assistance programs
  • Prior authorization requirements

Patient-Centric Network

We’re arming patients with the most accurate prescription benefit details, improving their experience and reducing sticker shock.

750,000+ Providers

  • Increased quality of relationships and trust with patients
  • Higher office productivity by reducing callbacks from the pharmacy

96% of Pharmacies

  • Resolved barriers to adherence
  • More filled scripts and fewer restocking fees

Payers Representing 94% of prescription volume

  • Reduced drug spend
  • Increased efficiency in clinical review

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  1. CoverMyMeds Research in partnership with SHC Universal and Research Now, June 2018. Sample includes more than 1,000 U.S. patients and more than 1,300 U.S. providers.