Accelerating Patient Access to Specialty Medication

Medication access challenges can be as complex as the patients who face them. CoverMyMeds’ integrated patient-centric solutions backed by human-driven support solves challenges for specialty medication access, adherence and affordability.
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A Continuum of Solutions to Support Brand Life Cycles

Whether you’re launching your first therapy, expanding your product portfolio or conceptualizing opportunities to overcome industry barriers and improve life cycle management, our integrated and collaborative solutions help accelerate speed-to-therapy for patients.

  • Innovation-fueled technology combined with personalized human care
  • Deep industry expertise to support an extensive range of therapeutic areas
  • Comprehensive solutions for every touchpoint on the patient journey

Explore our access, adherence and affordability solutions.

Specializing in Patient Access to Specialty Medication

We’ve connected ONE MILLION PATIENTS to support services, spanning 90% of therapeutic areas and 650 biopharma brands — including 50+ oncology therapies.

Our end-to-end patient support solutions that span the care continuum help patients get on therapy quickly while also understanding and staying adherent to their treatment.

By meeting providers in their preferred workflow, our hub solutions can enable a centralized location to electronically connect providers to integrated patient support services.

Going above and beyond patient support:

  • Copay savings programs
  • Home health nursing support
  • Clinical services and education
  • Field reimbursement management
  • PAP & non-commercial dispensing
  • Dedicated patient case management support

Putting Patients First

At CoverMyMeds, patient centricity means:

  • Deliver comprehensive support to patients and caregivers at every stage of the journey
  • Connect with patients and caregivers to serve as their trusted partner
  • Assist as many patients as possible to quickly and efficiently start and stay on prescribed therapy

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Read about solving complex medication access challenges through the lens of those living with cancer in our Medication Access Report: Oncology Edition. Fill out the form to access the report.