Patient and Provider

Enabling Electronic Medication Access for Patients

From patient support for specialty therapies to affordability options and electronic prior authorization, we're creating a seamless, end-to-end journey for patients through our digital solutions.

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Increased Speed-to-Therapy

Our specialty solution is the new starting point for patients to access complex therapies. With capabilities transform the traditional model for patient support services, we help patients experience a 27 percent increase in speed-to-therapy in some cases1.

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Faster PA Determinations

through direct integrations with healthcare providers, pharmacies and plans. Nearly all determinations are made within one day, resulting in an up to 35 percent increase in speed-to-therapy.2

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Transparency at the Point of Prescribing

We offer the most informative prescription decision support solutions for providers and patients. By serving up valuable insights — prescription cost, PA requirements and deductible information — before the patient reaches the pharmacy, they are 19 percent more likely to pick up their medications.3

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