CoverMyMeds Specialty Pharmacy

An in-workflow starting point for specialty prescriptions supported by CoverMyMeds.
Rebecca Wilson
Staff Pharmacist
Melissa Minello
Senior Pharmacy Technician
Megan Marchal
Pharmacist in Charge

Our Pharmacists
Experienced Staff and a Central Prescribing Location

Staffed by experienced full-time pharmacists and nationally certified pharmacy technicians, CoverMyMeds Specialty Pharmacy serves as the central location to send specialty prescriptions, whether you use electronic or paper-based methods.

Streamlined and Efficient Processes

Enrollment processes are streamlined and end-to-end case visibility helps provide prescriptions that are efficiently processed, so they can be sent to a dispensing pharmacy, allowing patients to get their medications faster.

Prescribe to CoverMyMeds Specialty Pharmacy by:

  • — ePrescribing via your EHR
  • — Electronic Enrollment through CoverMyMeds
  • — Enrollment form sent via fax
  • — Prescription sent via phone or fax
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