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The state of healthcare is complex, but our mission isn't: Help patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives.

CoverMyMeds at Pelatonia

Helping Patients

Why won't my health plan cover my meds?

In 2008, Matt Scantland and Sam Rajan founded CoverMyMeds with the mission to help patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives. Matt, who previously co-founded a software development company that served the healthcare sector, and Sam, a pharmacist, set out to address prescription abandonment.

They did this by developing the first all-payer, all-medication prior authorization (PA) platform that securely and electronically transmits PA requests between pharmacies, providers and health plans.

At CoverMyMeds, we have a simple formula for success: Solve a big problem in a way that everyone wins. We’ve applied this formula to new solutions for patient challenges — from medication affordability to patient support services. Our solutions are created to benefit all stakeholders in healthcare and, as a result, growth in one area of the business adds value to every other part of the network.

We were acquired by McKesson Corporation in 2017, a partnership that has expanded our reach and our ability to help even more patients.

Core Values
They're who we are, not just something we hang on the wall.
Be Yourself

Our work is serious, but we should not take ourselves too seriously.

You do not have to look or think a certain way to be successful here. We embrace inclusiveness and diversity, and count on solutions coming from everyone in the company.

We value results rather than politics. While we do not always agree, we are respectful of each other’s views and the decisions we make. Once a decision is made, we commit and move to win as a team. We celebrate our victories and have fun with our colleagues.

Mission Impact
Our network and solutions have helped patients more than 180 million times.
Community Impact
In the last year, our employees have given 2,500+ hours to their local communities.