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Our Story

CoverMyMeds has a simple formula for success: Solve a big problem in a way that everyone wins.

It started with a question: “Why won’t my health plan cover my meds?” This question was the catalyst of an idea to create a website that enables providers, pharmacists and their staff to fill out prior authorization (PA) requests electronically.

The CoverMyMeds platform was created to provide a solution that benefits all areas of the health care network. As a result, growth in one area of the business adds value to every other part of the network.

ePA with CoverMyMeds

In 2008, we set out to develop the first all payer, all medication platform. Today, we work with the who's who in health care to bring our solutions to more than 700,000 providers, 96% of pharmacies, 500+ EHRs and payers representing 94% of U.S. prescription volume—helping millions of patients get the medications they need to live healthy lives.

CoverMyMeds was acquired by McKesson Corporation in April 2017 and operates as an independent business unit with offices in Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. This was an important step for our company, enabling us to maximize the impact we can have on our mission of helping patients.

CoverMyMeds is consistently ranked a Best Place to Work in Ohio and nationally thanks to our amazing people. Learn more about what makes CoverMyMeds a great place to work and career opportunities.

Core Values

Our core values are essential to accomplishing our mission. Our culture is defined by what we do, not what we say. While we are proud of our mission and core values, these are not just nice things to have in our lobby. Living these ideals is an essential part of our work at CoverMyMeds.

  1. Be Yourself
  2. Do the Right Thing
  3. Embrace Challenges
  4. Results Matter
  5. Be Selfless

Our work is serious, but we should not take ourselves too seriously.

You do not have to look or think a certain way to be successful here. We embrace inclusiveness and diversity, and count on solutions coming from everyone in the company.

We value results rather than politics. While we do not always agree, we are respectful of each other’s views and the decisions we make. Once a decision is made, we commit and move to win as a team. We celebrate our victories and have fun with our colleagues.

We treat people like adults and always behave with ethics, integrity and honesty, beyond question.

Making a tough decision or being the bearer of bad news is always OK at CoverMyMeds. When presented with a decision that is more gray than black and white, we use our best judgment, get help when needed, and ask ourselves what best contributes to the needs of patients and our customers.

Sometimes doing the right thing means taking a short-term hit. But by consistently demonstrating that our customers and employees are more important to us than anything else, we believe they will return the favor if we ever have a short-term problem.

We communicate honestly, clearly and maintain a sense of humanity in our company. We treat people with respect and maintain their dignity even when we disagree. We never tolerate jerks, even if they are brilliant.

Achieving our mission requires us to do things that have never been done before. We embrace this, knowing there will not always be an easy answer, or someone to tell us what to do.

We are transformational in our thinking, questioning the limits of what is possible by asking “why not?” “why not now?” and “why not bigger?” We value employees with the grit and willingness to do whatever it takes to figure it out and make it work.

Lasting success requires that we use our resources wisely, so we particularly cherish those with the judgment to understand what rewards justify their risks.

We care intensely about the achievement of our numbers, milestones and product excellence.

No strategy, process, organization, team or person is sacred if we are not getting the job done. Reliability and peerless security are the most fundamental results we must always achieve. We manage risks continuously and do whatever it takes to avoid problems.

Customers love that we are different, but only when we deliver. We earn the right to challenge the status quo by accomplishing what we say we will.

We do not trick ourselves by setting easy goals just so that we can achieve them. Exceptional results are needed to provide career growth for our employees, profits to invest in our mission and competitive distance that provides us with lasting success.

We recruit and promote people who want to win as part of a great company. We check our egos at the door and win as a team.

We need the best idea, but it does not need to be yours. We need the best product, but it does not need to be you who built it. We need the sale, but it does not need to be you who sold it. We define ourselves by the success we leave in our wake and don’t worry about taking credit.

People get ahead at CoverMyMeds through ambition for the company and our mission, and never through politics.

Our Awards Speak for Themselves

To continue our success, we know we need to hire the best of the best. That means creating an environment where our employees can be themselves, embrace challenges and achieve results. We put our employees at the center of everything we do because they’re who make us great.

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Columbus CEO 2017 Top Work Places Award
Fortune's 2019 Best Workplaces for Women Award
Glassdoor 2019 Highest Rated CEO Award
Glassdoor 2020 Best Place to Work Award
Fortune Best Place to Work for Parents 2019
CoverMyMeds and Providers

Automating PA to Support Medication Adherence

Before CoverMyMeds, the PA process was paper-based and accomplished through multiple faxes and phone calls between providers, pharmacists and payers. This was a time-intensive process that placed burden on pharmacists, providers, payers—and most critically, the patient awaiting treatment.

To solve this problem, CoverMyMeds developed a way to securely and electronically transmit PA requests—eliminating the need for hand-written, faxed forms and phone calls.

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