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What is electronic prior authorization (ePA)?

Does CoverMyMeds keep me compliant with my state’s ePA legislation?

How often will I be required to provide multi-factor authentication?

How does CoverMyMeds keep healthcare information safe?

How do you work with McKesson?

Why did I not receive a code for my multi-factor authentication?

Is CoverMyMeds free to use?

What is multi-factor authentication and why is it required?

What is CoverMyMeds?

How can I change which factor (email or phone) I use for multi-factor authentication?

What should active patients do before June 3?

What happens to an account after June 3?

What’s happening?

What happens to any patient data after June 3?

Will patients still receive status updates about prior authorizations?

Are there any specific actions patients need to take before the shutdown?

Moving forward, how can patients save on medications without ScriptHero?

What does this mean for current patients?

I forgot my username and password. How can I retrieve this information (providers)?

Do I have to be at my office to access CoverMyMeds?

What should I do if a new employee is taking over my PA responsibilities?

I received a determination for a request. What are my next steps?

What is the Renew feature?

Is it possible to use one account to complete PA requests for multiple prescribers?

What is the advantage of EHR integration?

Why did I get a fax from a pharmacy with a Key on it?

How do I create my account?

Does CoverMyMeds integrate with my EHR?

How will I be notified of determinations for requests (for providers)?

What is a Key?

Is CoverMyMeds secure if I access my account remotely?

I do not see my EHR listed as integrated. How do I request integration?

How do I find the right request for my patient?

Why do I need to verify my prescribers?

Is CoverMyMeds free for providers?

I forgot my username and password. How can I retrieve this information (pharmacists)?

How does CoverMyMeds find the right request for patients?

Can I receive notifications by fax instead of email?

Is CoverMyMeds free for pharmacies?

What is a pharmacy Key?

Where should I direct providers to get started?

How will I be notified of determinations for requests (for pharmacists)?

How can I get my providers engaged?

Is my pharmacy system vendor integrated? How do I get started?

What is the Notes feature?

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