#WomeninHIT: Jennifer Cable

#WomeninHIT: Jennifer Cable

April 27, 2017  |  Jessica Behrendsen

Next up in our Women in HIT series is Jennifer Cable, Software Test Technician, and the mastermind behind CoverMyMeds’ Women in HIT group! Thanks for chatting with us, Jen!

CoverMyMeds: What made you decide on a career in HIT? Can you tell us a bit about your background before you came to CoverMyMeds?

Jennifer Cable: Working in health care IT was a career change for me. I studied graphic design and worked for many years in the newspaper industry as an ad designer. The decline of print production in newspapers forced me to look for a new path. I returned to school and learned new skills in web development which ultimately led me to CoverMyMeds.

CoverMyMeds: What drew you to CoverMyMeds? What do you love about working here?

JC: I first heard of the company when I attended a meetup with Girl Develop It and they announced a new sponsor: CoverMyMeds. My initial thought was, “How is a health care company related to technology and development?” After researching the company, I realized they were a health care IT company. Through my research I discovered the founders of CoverMyMeds knew there was a need to make the prior authorization process easier for providers and their staff and help patients get the drugs they need, which is a worthy effort. I submitted my resume and was contacted to come in for lunch.

Touring the office, I was surprised and delighted by the culture. I had worked for a traditional company for so long that it was a shock to experience great perks such as free lunch and a casual, relaxed work environment. I really love the fact that everyone is so welcoming and people are willing to help you succeed. I also appreciate the flexibility of schedules and the importance of work/life balance.

CoverMyMeds: What are some of the challenges you face being a woman working in IT? What lessons have you learned working in this industry that you think are important for other women in HIT to know in order to succeed?

JC: CoverMyMeds is the only company I’ve worked for in a tech role; therefore, I don’t have a large perspective of other companies. Working in a male-dominated industry can be intimidating at times, but people at CoverMyMeds are so supportive! I have learned that women need to speak up when they have an idea and not to feel inferior about it. Male or female, our ideas here are heard and they matter.

I have also learned that a team made up of diverse people can be highly successful. A group of people with diverse backgrounds allows for different perspectives and new ways to solve problems. I have observed that women don’t always have the confidence in their abilities so building up that confidence is something I strongly urge. Working for a company like CoverMyMeds makes it easier.

“I have also learned that a team made up of diverse people can be highly successful. A group of people with diverse backgrounds allows for different perspectives and new ways to solve problems.”

CoverMyMeds: You started the Women in HIT group at CoverMyMeds. What can you tell us about what it is and how it began? How do people get involved?

JC: In the Spring of 2016, I was working with a group of people from CoverMyMeds to host an event for CoolTechGirls. The founder of the group asked me if CoverMyMeds had a women in tech group, which at the time we did not. It started me thinking it would be nice to have a group here. A place where women can meet to share ideas.

During a conversation with Erica Conroy (another strong advocate for women in HIT) she suggested we call it CoverMyMeds: Women in Health Care IT, so we could include all women that work at CoverMyMeds not just the ones in technical roles. I recruited a few other women and we planned the kickoff meeting in August of 2016.

We have monthly meetings to discuss various topics, such as conversations with different women at CoverMyMeds, intro to SQL, mentorship roundtable and giving and receiving feedback. Interest in the group has been amazing! So many people are excited and motivated by it. One of the goals of the group is to make it open to all CoverMyMeds employees, men and women.

Men should not feel that it is for women only. Since the start of the group, a mentorship program has spawned and is in its pilot stage, and we have several community events coming up. We have also networked with other women’s groups in other companies in the community. The group has monthly meetings, a HipChat room, Confluence page and an email list. You can contact me to get added to our email list. We are always looking for people to help or share ideas.

I am thrilled with how this group has taken off and privileged to work with such an amazing group of women here at CoverMyMeds.

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