ePA Solutions to Streamline the PA Process for All Stakeholders

Electronic prior authorization (ePA) is the automated process of exchanging patient health and medication information, allowing providers to initiate PA requests after a rejection at the pharmacy or prospectively in their E-Prescribing workflow.

CoverMyMeds partners with electronic health records (EHRs), payers, pharmacies and providers to initiate, transmit and track the status of PA requests within the clinical workflow, helping patients to more quickly get the medication they need to live healthy lives.

Four Stakeholders, One Powerful Platform

CoverMyMeds brings together providers, pharmacies, payers and life sciences to address the PA needs of the entire health care industry.







Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Providers and CoverMyMeds

Providers can initiate and manage ePA requests using CoverMyMeds in an online portal or at the point of prescribing through one of the 500+ EHR vendors integrated with our technology.

Our real-time benefit check solution, RxBenefit Clarity™, powered by RelayHealth, provides additional benefit transparency and decision support to providers.

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Pharmacists and CoverMyMeds

Pharmacists and their staff can initiate PA requests upon a PA related claim rejection through the online portal or within their pharmacy system. CoverMyMeds is utilized by 96% of pharmacies.

Our ClinicalAlertsPlus™ program arms pharmacists with additional patient-specific alerts and engagement opportunities at the point of consultation.

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Payers and CoverMyMeds

CoverMyMeds offers a solution suite of products to help payers, representing 94 percent of U.S. prescription volume, manage PA.

Our end-to-end solution allows payers to increase operational efficiencies by turning phone calls and faxes into real-time PA determinations.

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Life Sciences and CoverMyMeds

As a partner to brands, we improve coverage awareness and fill more scripts to help patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives.

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Prescription abandonment as a result of prior authorization

PA Causes Prescription Abandonment

Prior authorization has an effect on providers across the board. Dealing with PA consumes time, impedes workflow and ultimately impacts the patient.

Sixty-six percent of prescriptions rejected at the pharmacy require PA and 36 percent of those prescriptions are abandoned.1

When Solved, Everyone Wins

CoverMyMeds’ ePA solution connects all stakeholders involved in the PA life cycle, ensuring requests are submitted in a secure, HIPAA-compliant manner and effectively getting patients appropriate access to therapy.

Providers agree that ePA can increase speed to therapy and positively impact their organization.2

Graph: ePA increases speed to therapy
Graph: ePA has a positive impact

The CoverMyMeds Network

CoverMyMeds seamlessly connects the health care network to reduce prescription abandonment and increase speed to therapy.

EHRs in the CoverMyMeds Network

700,000+ Providers
500+ EHR Integrations

Providers and Pharmacies in the CoverMyMeds Network

96% of Pharmacies

Payers in the CoverMyMeds Network

Payers Representing 94% of U.S. Prescription Volume

Life Sciences in the CoverMyMeds Network

200+ Life Sciences Brands