Finally. A Prior Authorization Solution for Your Brand

The Prior Authorization Burden

More than 185 million prescriptions are rejected each year because of prior authorization (PA). Of those, more than 40% or 75 million prescriptions are abandoned. 1 Prior authorization can also delay time to therapy, with some patients waiting 3 to 6 weeks for specialty therapies in some cases. 1 The result is troubling for patients, providers and your brand.

Rejected claims result in lost scripts

When patients do not receive the medication they were prescribed, providers may choose between spending precious time on paperwork or switching therapy.

Rejected claims result in lost scripts and your brand being perceived as difficult to prescribe.

Rejected claims result in lost scripts

CoverMyMeds partners with companies in the life sciences space to further our objective of helping patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives.

We do that by guiding PA requests through the health care system using electronic prior authorization (ePA), enabling patients appropriate access to the medications their physicians have prescribed to them.

Rejected claims result in lost scripts
Compliant and secure

Decrease Abandonment

Without CoverMyMeds, 62 percent of rejected prescriptions are lost at the pharmacy. 2

Compliant and secure

Increase Paid Rates

When partnering with us, a brand is 46 percent more likely to be paid.

Compliant and secure

Decrease Turn Around Times

For specialty products, ePA reduces time to therapy from more than 17 days to as few as 1.5 days. 4

CoverMyMeds is Your Prescription Resolution Partner

With the nation’s largest ePA network, CoverMyMeds helps ease the administrative burden, quieting office noise and reinforcing positive perceptions of access leading to improved script writing for over 200 brands. Our solution offers support through all stages of your brand’s life cycle, starting at launch. Partnered brands have seen an improvement in:

Increase in Volume

Volume of dispensed prescriptions

Fewer scripts are lost to switches or attrition due to complex policies and procedures. 2

Quality PAs

Quality of prior authorization requests

The streamlined PA process results in a higher paid rate than when PA requests are submitted through other channels.

Improved momentum

Improved script writing momentum

When barriers to access are decreased, or removed, providers are more likely to continue to write for the brand.

Who We Help



With CoverMyMeds, patients awaiting treatment were 12 to 14% more likely to receive their medication and waited less than 48 hours on average to receive a coverage determination.



CoverMyMeds is the leading prescription resolution network. To date, we’ve helped 65 million patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives.

As a partner to your brand, we’ll leverage our network — the largest in the industry — to help increase awareness of coverage support. This leads to more scripts filled, and better patient adherence.

Because of improved coverage awareness, CoverMyMeds partner brands achieve a 25% average increase in new prescriptions.



CoverMyMeds helps create a streamlined workflow, leading to improved perception of product access and stronger script writing momentum for the 700,000 providers within our network.

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