Ensure Speed to Therapy for Crucial Medications

At CoverMyMeds, we understand the unique importance of specialty medications. For patients, the delay in receiving their prescribed specialty medication could have life-changing consequences.

The last thing we want is for reimbursement to be the barrier.

CoverMyMeds and Specialty

Currently, the process for initiating and monitoring treatment for patients who need specialty medication depends on a series of manual activities, resulting in administrative waste and delays in time to therapy. A patient requiring specialty may wait 3 to 6 weeks to receive therapy after the first attempt is initiated.1

Electronic prior authorization (ePA) reduces time to therapy for specialty products from more than 17 days to as few as 1.5 days.2

CoverMyMeds and Specialty


By leveraging our technology and understanding of the unique challenges with specialty products, CoverMyMeds will partner with manufacturers to create a seamless journey for patients prescribed a specialty medication.

Innovative PA support featuring leading ePA technology backed by PA experts

A vast network of providers and seamless EHR integrations

Cross-functional partnerships increase transparency, optimize efficiencies and improve experiences

Customized field services training and support to maximize the benefit of your strategies

Streamlined enrollment forms and eConsent

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