Integrate with the Nation’s
Leading ePA Network

Our vast network allows payers to realize the benefits of integrating with CoverMyMeds immediately and indefinitely. The proof of our unparalleled reach is in the numbers: some integrated payers with multiple electronic prior authorization (ePA) solutions report receiving, on average, 95 percent of their ePA volume through CoverMyMeds. 1

700,000+ Providers
500+ Integrated EHRs
96% of Pharmacies
Payers Representing 94%
of Prescription Volume
200+ Life Sciences Brands

ePA Benefits

Reduce Operational Waste

Convert up to 35 percent of prior authorization (PA) requests to electronic volume 2 immediately, decreasing phone and fax volume.

Enable Auto-determinations

Allow payer-specific criteria to power auto-approvals and determination recommendations to clinical review staff.

Save Valuable Time

Lessen follow-up to providers by receiving complete, valid PA requests by selecting required information fields upfront.

Improve Provider Satisfaction

Reduce the burden of PA for your provider network by positively impacting the workflow of their staff and getting members needed therapy, faster.

Ensure NCPDP Compliance

Integrate with CoverMyMeds to facilitate compliance with NCPDP SCRIPT Standard ePA transactions.

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  1. Payer partner data
  2. CoverMyMeds data