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CoverMyMeds Benefits

Identifying potential medication access barriers at the time of prescribing is the only way to ensure patients receive their prescribed medications the first time they go to the pharmacy. CoverMyMeds integrates with more than 500 EHRs, including Epic to provide health systems with real-time benefit check (RTBC) and electronic prior authorization (ePA) capabilities.

“This partnership with CoverMyMeds will take our E-Prescribing to the next level, while improving the patient experience, and allow patients faster access to needed medications.”

CMIO, The MetroHealth System

Our Integrated Solutions

CoverMyMeds ePA

CoverMyMeds ePA

CoverMyMeds ePA product integrates with EHR systems to support both retrospective prior authorization requests initiated at the pharmacy and allows prescribers to kick-off the process at the point of prescribing via our integrations with payers representing 94% of prescription volume.

We offer both custom build and application integrations and will work with vendors to implement a solution that best fits their needs. It is the best way to add an NCPDP-compliant ePA solution to your E-Prescribing experience.

Reduce workload

Reduced health system costs by decreasing PA workload by up to 80% 1

Fast determinations

41% Increased speed to therapy by initiating PA at point of prescribing 1


Covers any drug, including new medications that accounted for 47% of total medication spending growth in 2014 2


100% of PA requests managed within EHR workflow without dependency on third party processors including Medicaid and Medicare Part D

RxBenefit Clarity

RxBenefit Clarity

RxBenefit Clarity™ is a product that is offered via collaboration with RelayHealth, providing real-time benefit check transparency at the point of drug selection. In addition to the CoverMyMeds ePA solution, providers can see additional alerts including patient pay details and whether a medication will not be covered.

This product leverages the largest pharmacy connectivity network to access real-time prescription benefit data and provides prescribers with similar information that pharmacies see to evaluate prescription coverage. Learn more »


Patient pay amount returned was 97 percent accurate, helping increase providers’ confidence when speaking with a patient about costs.


RxBenefit Clarity displayed cheaper alternatives in 2.5 million transactions, helping providers give more options to their patients.


Patients whose providers used RxBenefit Clarity were 19 percent more adherent to picking up their medications compared to those without it.


Same day pick-up for prescriptions was available for 84 percent of RxBenefit Clarity transactions and 61 percent were available within one hour.

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