CoverMyMeds’ Drug Channels Guest Post Discusses Medication Access Challenges and Network-Centered Solutions

 |  Austin Raper, Ph.D.

In July, our own David Holladay had the opportunity to post on Drug Channels – a health care industry blog from Dr. Adam Fein.

In his article, David describes some of the major challenges that patients face in accessing the medications they need to be well, including prior authorization and lack of price transparency. When patients are struggling, all stakeholders in the health care ecosystem are impacted and it takes a collective effort to implement the right solutions that will effect change. CoverMyMeds’ network connections with providers, pharmacies, payers and life science manufacturers power health care technologies that help patients get the medications they need to live healthy lives.

Read David’s article and download our new case study on Drug Channels to see how CoverMyMeds is making a difference for patients.

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