A Day In The Life: Chef Sara Santo

A Day in the Life: Chef Sara Santo

 |  Jessica Behrendsen

How would you describe your role?

My role is to provide lunches and healthy snack options for all the employees and their guests. I’m responsible for making sure that we have fun and exciting options available, which is great because it allows us to do fun themed meals like tailgate and Halloween! We also have a part to play with the annual Pelotonia fundraising pancake breakfast.

My role and our role as a team is to ensure we stay true to the culture of CoverMyMeds through our food. Healthy options (we try to buy as much local and organic as we can) and occasionally not-so-healthy for special occasions… just a good balance of what you need and some whimsical stuff as well.

How does your role impact the organization?

By providing lunch in-house it’s a great opportunity for teams to eat together and collaborate in a more relaxed setting. We nourish people and as a result I think it nourishes the company as well. You can actually have a balanced meal if you choose to!

It’s great to see people gathering as a team, talking about upcoming projects or what they’re doing over the weekend. People hanging out and grabbing coffee in our café in the morning, or coming down and grabbing a snack after a stressful day. We get to provide that little pick-me-up.

What’s the best part of your job?

There are best parts and then there are favorite parts. Best parts: As a chef the best part of my day is that I love to cook for people, and the best part of THAT is seeing people happy and enjoying their meals. My favorite parts: I love to plan the menus and think about how people are going to react to different meals or a favorite meal. I love all of it… making the plates look nice and collaborating with my team. It’s really why I became a chef.

Not to mention during lunch we really get a chance to know the employees. We’re in a great spot to see everyone daily and chat about their day, their families and learn about them on a personal level. We get to do what we love and are proud of the company as a whole.

What’s something unexpected we wouldn’t know about you?

I love to read! Anything and everything. My favorite genre is science fiction/fantasy. The tattoo on my arm is from one. I love heavy metal concerts. I went to Korn at the end of September! My favorite event of the summer is Rock on the Range. I can nerd it out with some books and rage it out with some music.

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