Campus Update — Our New Home is Designed to Enhance how Employees Work

CoverMyMeds Campus: Behind the Design

 |  Jenny Rogers

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Work is well underway at the site of CoverMyMeds’ new campus in Franklinton. After a summer spent clearing the ground, we recently laid the foundation and are busy building the structure that we’ll call home in 2021.

When our doors open, employees and visitors will enter a modern workspace unlike any other in the region, one designed to meet employees’ unique workplace needs and engage our community with educational programming, events and more.

“Throughout this project, our mission has been to create a remarkable facility that reinforces the CoverMyMeds culture, the needs of our employees and the needs of our community,” said Lars Johansson, CoverMyMeds’ manager of campus operations. “The campus is a holistic interpretation of those needs.”

This translates to an open and flexible workspace that encourages collaboration, accommodates each person’s workstyle and reinforces many of our core values, including “Be Yourself.”

“The new campus is an opportunity to truly reflect the things we pride ourselves on: being innovative, forward-thinking and inclusive,” Johansson said.

Several principles — guidelines we adhere to in all our current office locations, too — are guiding our campus build. Here’s a quick tour.

Open Architecture & Transparency

Like all CoverMyMeds office locations, the campus’ interior space is intentionally designed to support employee needs and help cultivate collaboration and connectivity. Glass-walled huddle rooms reflect employees’ desire for transparency in the workplace while also translating energy from the primary workplace into collaboration spaces.

The open-concept design facilitates connecting across departments, encourages greater communication between teams and, ultimately, contributes to our Best Place to Work & Grow culture.

Each of CoverMyMeds’ current office locations — two in downtown Columbus and one in Highland Hills, near Cleveland — has been designed to reflect our award-winning culture, one that embraces challenges together and being serious about our work — without taking ourselves too seriously. The new campus is our first opportunity to truly reflect these principles in every element of our workplace.

Workspace to Suit Everyone

Knowing that our employees have different workstyles and preferences, we designed the campus to also include plenty of private workspace. The campus features a variety of quiet, enclosed spaces, in addition to access to outdoor workspace from every floor in the building, thanks to indoor-outdoor Wi-Fi.

Want to work surrounded by plants? You’ve got it. Want to start your day in a hidden room, take meetings at a communal table and wrap up the afternoon by the water? That’s accommodated, too. The new campus offers a range of choices to suit how employees work best.


CoverMyMeds is in a constant state of innovation and expansion. And as our business grows and our solutions evolve, our space must be flexible.

Our new campus accommodates this growth, from individual workspace designed to grow, contract and move with employees to the ways in which technology is folded into every area of the campus.

Consider the lobby, designed to be used for employee collaboration and large meetings, community events, as an art gallery and even for our Fiscal New Year’s party. It’s a modern way of thinking about the workplace, one that aligns to business and employee needs amid massive growth.

Accessibility & Connectivity

We’re exceeding expectations beyond traditional accessibility requirements. While ensuring people of all abilities have what they need to be successful at work and can access all areas of the campus, our new home also includes access to diverse workspaces, alternative transportation options and the great outdoors.

Employees will have access to outdoor walking paths, the Scioto River and downtown bike paths, a fitness area and hydration bars on each floor. And a central staircase connects all floors, promoting movement and encouraging social connections and collaboration.

Limiting Our Environmental Impact

In line with CoverMyMeds’ “Be Selfless” and “Do the Right Thing” core values, and our commitment to the environment, we’re piloting the latest in smart building technology to reduce our energy consumption and limit our carbon footprint, and the campus is sustainably designed to LEED and WELL Standards. These technologies also help create a more productive environment to deliver on CoverMyMeds’ mission of helping patients get the medications they need.

We’ll share updates about our campus over the next several months. Stay up to date on the project and learn more about what makes CoverMyMeds a Great Place to Work by visiting us here.

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