Our employees share what makes CoverMyMeds their best place to work and grow

CoverMyMeds Named One of FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For

 |  Drew Schaar

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We’re honored to be recognized by FORTUNE as number 62 on the 2020 list of the 100 Best Companies to Work For.

The ranking is determined through a workforce study representing the feedback of more than 4.3 million employees at companies across the country. Everything from company values and perks to opportunities for innovation and the effectiveness of company leaders is evaluated. The result is a robust list that spans a variety of industries.

The foundation of CoverMyMeds’ culture is a shared set of five core values that empower our employees to be themselves, do the right thing and be selfless, while we embrace challenges to achieve remarkable results.

Receiving this accolade means we’ve succeeded in building a culture that exceeds employee expectations. By intentionally creating the best place to work and grow for all of our people, we’re able to do incredible work that fulfills our mission: Helping patients get the medication they need to live healthy lives.

What Our Employees Say

One way we maintain a healthy, positive work environment is by encouraging participation in our employee resource and interest groups. We asked members of several of these groups to tell us what makes CoverMyMeds their best place to work and grow.

Almeida Dye, account coordinator, Highland Hills

“Feeling connected and supported through empathy and respect makes CoverMyMeds a best place to work for me,” said Almeida. “There’s a feeling of belonging which makes it seem more like family, not just work.”

Almeida is a member of CoverMyMeds’ Affinity Employee Resource Counsel. The group’s goal is to build and support a diverse and inclusive environment by creating a culture that encourages, celebrates and embraces diversity.

“Being open and sharing my personal story with others in the company — including leadership — has led to better understanding,” Almeida continued. “A rainbow of people with different backgrounds and values, ethnicities and ages have realized that we’re all more similar than we thought.”

Andy Orlando, data analyst, Columbus

“Everyone here is viewed as an equal contributor. There’s a level playing field where everyone’s perspective is valued,” Andy shared. “Our culture fosters learning and encourages growth, which has given me opportunities to take on new challenges.”

Andy is a member of QCrew, an LGBTQ+ employee resource group. He says getting involved has given him the opportunity to lead events and give presentations that impact people across CoverMyMeds. That’s led to meeting people throughout the company, many of whom he may not otherwise interact with day-to-day.

There are personal aspects of QCrew, too: “At CoverMyMeds, you can express yourself and don’t have to self-edit when talking to others about your life,” said Andy. “I’ve never felt fear or concern that I wouldn’t be accepted here.”

This sense of belonging has driven a broad range of CoverMyMeds employees, both LGBTQ+ and allies, to participate in events like the AIDS Walk and our community’s Pride Festival. Andy said it’s rewarding to see the tangible results of our collective involvement and support.

Amie Williams, account associate, Columbus

Connecting with different people across the company who are willing to lend an ear and offer advice is another benefit to our employees who choose to engage with resource groups.

“Coming to CoverMyMeds has allowed me to be in the driver’s seat of my own career,” Amie said. “There’s not just a one-way track. Instead, I have limitless potential to flourish, thrive and grow.”

Amie is active in Women in Healthcare IT (WHIT), an employee resource group that provides education, networking and mentorship opportunities. She says her involvement has been influential in advancing her career within the company.

“I’m encouraged and feel supported when I want to explore a new role,” Amie said. “My mentor has provided me with an idea of what they’re looking for in addition to interview tips and feedback on my resume.”

Lyndsey Maynor, senior manager of account management, Columbus

For many CoverMyMeds employees, getting involved in interest groups provides a way to give back to our communities. Lyndsey is a driving force in our Franklinton involvement group, which encourages employees to volunteer in ways that benefit the Franklinton, Ohio neighborhood we’ll soon call home. (Read more about our campus project here.)

“As someone who lives in the Franklinton neighborhood, this is a confluence of all the things I’m passionate about,” Lyndsey said. “This is my life, my work and my home, and I feel so fortunate and fulfilled to work for a company that places such a priority on being active in the community.”

In fact, our involvement in the community was something that drew Lyndsey to work here. She was searching for the next step in her career when she bumped into a group of CoverMyMeds employees volunteering at Gladden Community House, where she sits on the board.

“It was in that moment that I realized I was where I needed to be personally and professionally,” Lyndsey continued. “It’s great to see the company put efforts behind causes that employees care about.”

Alyssa Leonard, patient services account coordinator, Columbus

Other CoverMyMeds employees share a passion for exploring commuting options that improve the way we get to work. The Alternative Commuting and Environmental Sustainability (ACES) group is helping our employees transition away from single-occupancy vehicles and toward carpooling, public transportation and other means of transportation. The group also supports general environmental work.

“Getting involved in ACES has provided me with opportunities to try new things, meet new people and flex professional and creative muscles outside my normal work,” Alyssa shared. “The group is so welcoming – I feel like I’m understood and accepted for who I am and what I have to offer.”

The group has given Alyssa leverage to nudge the trajectory of environmental solutions that offer a win-win for CoverMyMeds and our employees. She ditched her car and now uses her bike and commuting services, including ride-sharing and carpooling, to get around. (Read her story here.)

“My manager has been tremendously supportive of my shift to alternative transportation, despite the occasional, inevitable hitch,” Alyssa said. “I’m endlessly thankful for this flexibility and understanding.”

Being included on FORTUNE’s list of the Best Companies to Work For is a testament to an incredible culture built by our employees. This recognition helps highlight what makes our culture unique — and we’re honored to also be included on lists like Glassdoor’s Best Places to Work as well as FORTUNE’s Best Workplaces for Women and Workplaces for Parents.

Interested in joining our team? Explore available positions by visiting our careers page.

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